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Silverlight Development

Silverlight Development

Silverlight, a new entrant in app development field, is now one of the inseparable parts of the web app developmental processes. It is now used for various purposes. Apart from Ajax, Flash or Flex, Silverlight is used extensively for huge number of portals include from basic to advance.

Why Silverlight development?

Various factors have contributed to the growth or the popularity of Silverlight development. A few of them may include Microsoft community development, higher share of the browser internet explorer, dominance of the desktop operating system etc.

If you are looking for SharePoint development services then just count on Inspire. We have our concentration on each and every fragment of this Silverlight technology and we always endeavour to provide to our clients such kind of Silverlight services which can create various channels of success.

Our services include

Inspire provide various types of Silverlight solutions for its clients. Every service we provide is based on the essence of our profound knowledge of web application development and multiple layers of DOT Net Technology.

  • Silverlight application development and deployment services.

  • ASP.NET Silverlight development.

  • Silverlight Customization Services.

  • XAML development.

  • Modular Development Services.

  • Web application development for any industry like healthcare, business and finance etc.

  • Implementation or migration services etc.

The team @ Inspire has extensive knowledge of the Silverlight technology. We have experience and knowledge in developing web apps or web solutions for our clients no matter how complex their requirements are. We have experience of working on various ASP.NET, or RIA or Silverlight projects for our global clients. We are up-to-date with all Silverlight developmental technologies which include:

  • Silverlight RIA.
  • Silverlight with WCF or RIA.
  • Controls, Dashboards, charts or expression blend etc.

Industries we work for include but again certainly not limited to:

  • Health care industry.
  • Ecommerce or shopping portals.
  • Media or publishing industry.
  • Sports.
  • Business and finance.
  • Entertainment.
  • Travel and transportation / Logistics.
  • Tourism etc.

Why us for Silverlight development services?

  • We provide the most cutting-edge solutions for our clients across the globe.

  • We have already worked on various projects pertaining to Silverlight technology.

  • We have a list of satisfied customers.

  • We offer customized Silverlight solutions.

  • We provide support services anytime our clients require.

  • We offer highly affordable services.

Just get in touch with us to receive quality Silverlight solutions for all your business needs. Get in touch with us, using our live chat applications. We are always here for you, to understand you and work for you.

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